Recipe: Yummy Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread. Someone who KNOWS what banana nut bread is supposed to be! Thousands of people make it every day. Because it really is the best banana bread recipe, period.

Banana Nut Bread If walnuts aren't your thing, here are a few common and delicious options! My grandma's recipe for banana nut bread - a classic banana bread recipe packed full of chopped walnuts that bakes up super moist and dense. Banana bread is easy to make-just a few simple steps-and irresistible to eat. You can have Banana Nut Bread using 18 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Banana Nut Bread

  1. Prepare of Bread.
  2. You need 1-1/2 cups of almond flour.
  3. Prepare 1 cup of coconut flour.
  4. Prepare 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.
  5. You need 1/4 cup of sour cream.
  6. It's 3 of ripe bananas.
  7. Prepare 1 teaspoons of vanilla extract.
  8. You need 3 of large eggs.
  9. It's 1 teaspoons of baking soda.
  10. It's 2/3 cup of honey.
  11. You need of Whole Nuts.
  12. Prepare 1/2 cup of walnuts.
  13. It's 1 cup of cashew nuts.
  14. It's of Spices.
  15. Prepare 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon.
  16. You need 1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg.
  17. Prepare 1/3 teaspoon of ground cloves.
  18. It's 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt.

We recommend making a few extra loaves, wrapping in plastic, and freezing. Thaw at room temperature for an hour and you'll. If you've got mushy bananas, you're just a few steps away from this easy, delicious banana nut bread. Banana Nut Bread is one of my favorite quick breads, and trust me, this recipe will not disappoint!

Banana Nut Bread instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit..
  2. Mix the bread ingredients together. Mash the bananas well. Make sure everything is incorporated well..
  3. Add the nuts and spices..
  4. Add to a greased loaf pan and bake for forty minutes to an hour till its firm and done. Add butter pats on top..
  5. Serve with butter I hope you enjoy!!.

The sour cream helps keep the loaf soft, while the walnuts add a welcomed. This Cinnamon Banana Nut Bread recipe is easy to make and creates a moist and delicious loaf that's perfect for breakfast or dessert. Baked with walnuts and cinnamon, it's a simple homemade recipe. Banana Nut Bread is an easy banana bread recipe, perfect for those last minute guests or lazy weekend breakfasts. Made with ripe bananas, pecans, and cinnamon this homemade bread is so.